The Alpha Letter provides equity research covering a broad range of companies and industries. As buy side analysts, we strive to offer actionable information and quantifiable results. We differentiate ourselves by using our own in-house coded technical indicators combined with exhaustive research to build a highly detailed portrait of each company we publish analysis on. This portrait is the keystone of our research and includes the following:

  • Company risk factors
  • Initial and midterm price targets
  • Market timing context
  • Price points where portfolio management might be advantageous.

Once the research is completed and published, it is updated correspondent with any material changes around the companies’ fundamental or technical landscape.

Our research is intended for use by fund managers, proprietary traders and other financial professionals. We are not a stock picking service and we do not hold hands or make specific trading recommendations. The Alpha Letter exists to provide a menu of ideas about companies that might, in our opinion, provide excess return in relation to the broad markets.

A note about trading and investing for those skeptical of using us or any other outside research agency… especially one with a low profile in the industry. To be successful in markets one must find things before they are obvious. If your information flow is coming from large providers who have client lists in the thousands or tens of thousands, is it realistic that you can exploit that into something usable? Every dog is chasing the same rabbit so to speak. Your edge is seldom found where everyone is looking.

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